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About Indian Room

Best Indian Restaurant in Balham, London SW12 9EZ

When we first opened the doors of Indian Room and Indian Moment 9 years ago, we had a vision...a vision to be different! To highlight not only the "best service" a restaurant can give, but to truly show how its possible to achieve the highest results a "geniune indian" cuisine can reach!

We have seen how "humble curry" has been transformed by today's cooking methods, which is clearly now treated as an equal by other types of foods and cuisines from around the world.

I would like to believe that Indian Room has played a role in achieving that change in the curry industry. We at Indian Room and Indian Moment, pioneered the use of natural instead of artificial colouring. Our chef's are hand selected to be specialists in making only fresh and organic produce. As a result of which, every dish at Indian Room becomes unique in its essence and ultimately a signature dish.

We have recently designed and completely renovated the Indian Room restaurant. We have given it a grand drawing room look, which we feel gives a real initimate and sensational dining experience for you all to enjoy.

All of our dishes follow a strict philosophy of healthy cooking, which is based on traditional methods and a chronological order. We only use the right measure of farm fresh ingredients to create that luring smell of our authentic indian dishes.

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